Winter Sun - Hollee Mands


Denali Day

Fantasy Romance Author

One of the best fantasy romances I've ever read. Lyrical and poetic lines that had me swooning every other page. 10/10!

He’d do anything to keep her safe...except give her up.

Declan lost her once. Never again. He is an archmage. Fearsome. Terrible. Divine. Yet deadly whispers dare echo in his ear. None more threatening than those of his still-incomplete mate bond and his love’s failing health. In a twist of irony, he must now protect his mate from the greatest danger she’s ever faced…Himself.

Evangeline was raised to be an apothecarist, not an archmage’s queen. She knows nothing of the subtle maneuverings of court life, and despite her awakened memories, she remains painfully human. Too human to claim an archmage for a mate. But Declan’s contentious council and her questionable mortality aren’t the only things she has to worry about. The secrets of her past are catching up, and even her all-powerful lover may not be able to keep her safe…

Winter Sun is the seductive sequel in the Warriors of the Five Realms adult fantasy romance series that will submerge you in a dazzling court of deadly secrets and deception lurking in every shadow…

Author’s Note: While Winter Sun can be read as standalone with a guaranteed HEA, reading Little Fire (Book 1) will enhance your reading experience. Mature themes and content. Reader discretion is advised.

For a comprehensive list of possible triggers, please check here.

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