Lullaby Scars - Hollee Mands



Ivy Williams

Paranormal Romance Author

With realistic characters and beautiful writing, you can't go wrong with Hollee Mands. Lullaby Scars pulled me in and left me needing more. (Hollee, when do I get the next book?) If you like fairytale-like stories, be sure to pick up Lullaby Scars!

Courtney Kelly

Avid Fantasy Reader

Awesome introduction to the series! A strong female lead and a scarred hero come together to find what they've been missing from life against the backdrop of a scheme gone wrong. I couldn't help but cheer for them each step of their journey!

Luna Lovesbooks

Book Blogger and Goodreads Reviewer

You had me at “stranded on Prison Island” and kept me hooked to the heart-wrenchingly delicious end! Lovely, flowing prose, perfectly broken characters, and the hard-won happily ever after of a lifetime ❤

Denali Day

Fantasy Romance Author

Hollee Mands is setting up a whole new world of heart-wrenching romance, exotic locations, and the kind of magic that will speak to the soul of your inner child. I'm totally here for it!!!

Tina Emmerich

Avid Fantasy Reader

So fresh and exciting! Lullaby Scars is a tingling romance interwoven into a fantastic setting with great world building and spiced with some serious action. A great introduction to a new series, so beautifully written, I can't wait to get my hands on the next book!

Liv Arnold

Romance Author

Lullaby Scars will take you on a fast-paced adventure and get you lost in another world. Be ready to fall in love with Killian, the sexy yet wounded hero, who would do anything for the woman he loves.

He’s the only man she’s ever wanted. She’s everything he can never have.

Killian’s scars are all people see, but with his wretched past, he doesn’t want them to look closer. He resigned himself long ago to living as an indentured slave to a powerful and capricious high mage—until a chance meeting with a temptress outside a brothel teaches him to want

If only he hadn’t asked her price for the night. 

Lady Mailin’s escape from her tyrannical father is so close she can taste it. All she has to do is to fake her magical prowess long enough for the high mage to sign a marriage contract and whisk her away. Then she’ll lose him and start a new life. The last thing she needs is a tortured bondsman mistaking her for a woman who works on her back…

If only she could forget his gentle, callused touch.

When a stormy sea strands them together on Prison Island, Mailin and Killian’s illicit desires may prove deadlier than the convicts out for blood, or worse…

They’ve spent their lives yearning for freedom. Can they survive long enough to make it last?

Lullaby Scars is a forbidden love novel between a man broken in heart but not spirit, and a woman with enough spirit to see perfection in the shattered pieces.

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